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Posted: 2nd June 2017 by admin in Uncategorized

Hey all (or anyone), I am still attempting to stay on top of things by being active here. I am in the middle of writing a new song with my long-time collaborator, Anthony Fedorov. We’ve written many songs together and he is truly a brother to me. I am also working on getting my reel completely updated! It’s taking some time, but I’m determined! I have an amazing life coach, and I’m working harder than ever. Soon, this blog will be something worth reading! -J

The New Blog

Posted: 27th May 2017 by admin in Uncategorized

Hello! If you’re new here, I am a singer/songwriter (see bio page), living with his small family in the Seattle area. I’ve had this site for years, but recently, I’ve decided to turn it into a blog. For better or for worse. It’s also my very first blog. I am a newbie, but will be studying diligently to work this system.

Now, I’ve been out of the music business for quite some time after having some success. This will be a “has been” journey BACK into the biz. Since this is the first post, I’m going to keep it relatively short and sweet.

Thanks for coming! More to come…

Pump 2017!

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It’s the end of May of 2017! Lots of changes coming. This site, my career, everything about my life is about to get a HUGE UPGRADE!


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Hey there (for whoever might stumble upon this), I have this site up, so I might as well use it. Maybe you’re here because you heard one of my songs, maybe you know me…or maybe by some totally random weird event, you just ended up here. Anyway, however you got here…welcome! I will start blogging here more and talking about music, soul, love, life and all kinds of things. Just my life. Maybe just my own journal since no one has been here in eons.

Consider this entry #1. 🙂


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“Pay it Forward Friday”, let’s invent that! Today, I will pay for the next person in line somewhere! #PIFF #payitforwardfriday

2015 – Here I Come!

Posted: 5th February 2015 by admin in Uncategorized

It’s now 2015 and a lot is going on! It looks like I am Seattle bound! Watch for updates coming soon!

Here I come Seattle!