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I’m not going to get political here, but this year’s election is very scary. The candidates that this country has narrowed things down to, is mind boggling. It makes zero sense to me. So much so, that from now on when things don’t make any sense, I’m going to refer to those things as being full of “trumpillary”. It will be my new word. For instance:

“What’s on tv tonight?”
“Nothing but trumpillary”


“That film was the worst pile of trupillary I ever saw.”

I think I like it. It represents the complete loss of intelligence and waste of a ballot box that I think our country has succumbed to this election year. As I said, I don’t want to get too political…but it had to be said.


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Hey there (for whoever might stumble upon this), I have this site up, so I might as well use it. Maybe you’re here because you heard one of my songs, maybe you know me…or maybe by some totally random weird event, you just ended up here. Anyway, however you got here…welcome! I will start blogging here more and talking about music, soul, love, life and all kinds of things. Just my life. Maybe just my own journal since no one has been here in eons.

Consider this entry #1. :)


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“Pay it Forward Friday”, let’s invent that! Today, I will pay for the next person in line somewhere! #PIFF #payitforwardfriday

2015 – Here I Come!

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It’s now 2015 and a lot is going on! It looks like I am Seattle bound! Watch for updates coming soon!

Here I come Seattle!