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In May of 2009, “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey became the most downloaded song in history, according to SoundScan.  Reaching in excess of two million digital sales, the power ballad is now the biggest-ever catalogue song on digital platforms.  Journey has sold over 55 million albums Worldwide and continues its reign at the very top of the short list of rock bands whose music has truly stood the test of time.

In October of 2008, a group of professional musicians from Los Angeles joined together to pay tribute to this great American band.  They call themselves “DSB.”  As faithful fans of Journey’s music, DSB is committed to staying true to Journey’s legacy, while bringing a fresh pulse to the heart of their songs.  Since its inception, DSB fills venues to capacity with crowds singing and cheering the great hits of this chart-topping band.  DSB infuses the air with electricity and ignites the crowd with energetic fire!

In November of 2011, Jeff left DSB to pursue another direction. The multi-talented Henry O’Neill replaced him and DSB is more popular than ever!

DSB is:

Roger Cain: guitars, Juan Del Castillo: lead vocals, Scotty Kormos: drums, bkrnd vox, Tony Love: bass, bkrnd vox, Henry O’Neill: keyboards, bkrnd vox.

Visit them here: DSB

From Jeff Vincent: “Growing up, I had a turbulent and somewhat traumatic family life. As a means to escape, I used the piano as my therapy. I started playing by ear at the age of 3. I was cocooned in my own musical world and all that I knew and played was my own music, my own soundtrack to my life. When I was 16, someone played “Feeling That Way” by Journey for me. Something that was outside of my own world stirred my heart for the very first time. Steve Perry’s soaring, majestic voice and the bombastic thickness of the vocals was magic to me! Journey was the first outside music to enter my world, one that had been my own lifeline. At that time, it was far from being a new work by the band so I had to play catch-up. From that moment on, I have had a special place for all things Journey in my heart. Everyone who knows me, knows the great love I have for this band. Since then, I’ve been fortunate to have a career in music professionally. When I asked some friends to get together and play some Journey tunes, it was because I had become a slave to the studio in my own projects and I wanted to do some music that brought me back to that first love. When Juan Del Castillo came in the door and opened his mouth to sing the first note…I couldn’t believe my ears. Since then, DSB has been a huge blessing to me and I have had the incredible honor to share the great music of Journey with thousands of people. Journey is far more than a great band with catchy songs for me….they were a light in the darkness of my life.”